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No Restaurant Reservations Needed, Your Own Dining Table Decoration is More Attractive

Nate Berkus, an interior designer as well as a well-known international television star, has an easy way of setting the dining table. By his admission, as quoted in Elle Decor, the designer is not a talented chef. Therefore, he prefers to set the dining table before the dinner.

“I was never the cook in the family, so I learned how to make the table more attractive,” she says.

Here are the steps that Berkus did to make the dining table even more special. Berkus proves, spending time with loved ones does not always require a lot of money. Cancel your reservation at an expensive restaurant tonight and “bring” the luxury of a restaurant to your home!

The first step, start with a clean, empty dining table. Then, imagine the table setting in your head. Make sure you put a variety of eating necessities within reach. Then, cover the empty table with a tablecloth. Berkus chose a tablecloth with a large striped pattern. The designer emphasizes that you find your own style in setting the dining table.

The third step, give special details on the surface of the dining table. Berkus placed a runner with a polka dot pattern on a striped tablecloth. According to Berkus, choosing a color for a tablecloth is the same as choosing a color palette for the entire dining table. After that, just arrange your dining table.

“Take things you already have before hand, such as pretty bowls or elegant vases. They create height on the table top, without making it too overwhelming,” she says. Berkus also reminds you not to put things that are too high because it will make it difficult to talk at dinner.

The next step, arrange the dining table. Mix of traditional, glamorous and simple items. Berkus combines gold cutlery with simple white plates. Do not be afraid to combine various things, as long as they have the same color. For example, Berkus uses napkins that look like woven cloth in black, white, and yellow. This color matches the color shades on the table surface.

Don’t forget, also give flowers to give freshness to your dining table. Make the flower as one of the centerpieces. Then, give a layer by placing glass glasses.

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