Painting Concrete Floors

Concrete is known as the combination of different materials primarily used for construction and other building procedures. The following are some information on painting concrete floors.

1. Degreasing and Cleaning of the Floor

It usually takes much time to paint floors; in fact, before even painting the floor, it should be ready. In painting concrete floors, good surface preparation is essential.

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Painting Concrete Floors

Before even painting the floor, it has to be degreased and cleaned first. You can buy different types of degreasing chemicals accessible in the market.

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2. Inspection of Curing Compounds and Dehumidify Surface

When painting concrete floors, you should always check the curing compounds present on any concrete whatever age it might have.

A lot of curing compounds are present on newer concrete; these compounds obstruct the bond of the coating on the concrete. You should also check the moisture present in the concrete. You should not coat nor paint any hints of moisture in the concrete.

Once you have identified the origin of the moisture and successfully got rid of it, you may continue on painting the concrete.

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3. Creation of a Paint Adhering Surface

You should check the contours of your floor once you are done degreasing it and checking any moisture present. The paint will feebly stick to the floor once the concrete is rigid and hard.

You may use an acid etcher if you want to obtain a good contour for your concrete. Various acid etchers are accessible in the market.

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4. Application of Concrete Bonding Primer

After doing these first procedures on painting concrete floors, the real painting begins. You should decide the type of paint and coat that you will use given the use of the floor.

Epoxy paint is greatly advised to be used since it is particularly intended for concrete floors. When painting, the first ever step is to apply a bonding primer; this will enable the concrete surface to bond properly with the applied epoxy paint.

Before applying the epoxy coating, wait for the bonder primer to dry. It usually takes a whole day to dry.

5. Application of Two Epoxy Layers & Sealer

Epoxy-based paints are a great option for the overall maintenance of dry and wet floors. On the other hand, you should add silica sand on the epoxy if you prefer a non-skid floor.

Nonetheless, the addition of silica sand to the epoxy makes it hard to clean the surface. You should also apply a finishing with higher gloss if you want your concrete floor to be more secured from scrape and other substances.

You can obtain this glossy finishing through a top coat with two components. You should also take good care of the quality of the coating of the floor.

When you spend more money on whatever things associated to building and construction, more spending on maintenance and repairs awaits you someday.

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Put on two epoxy coats. Put the first one, then the other. Wait for half a day to let the first coat to fully dry out; after which, you may apply the second coat.

Once you have dried the coat for some couple of days, you may put a sealer on top of it so that the concrete will be secured.

That is how the job on painting concrete floors ends. Just allow the floor to fully dry maybe in a week’s time and it is ready for use.

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