15 Types of Home Roof Designs (with Illustrations)

Surprisingly, there are few more types of home roof aside from we already know. Gable roof is the one that children used to draw at their drawing classes. You know, firstly they draw the feet of isosceles triangle, and then from the top of it, they pull a straight line to the back and end it with a diagonal line in such a way so that they can pull another straight line right from it to the very end of isosceles triangle feet.

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home roof designs

That is the simplest they can draw, and indeed one of basic home roof designs. The list you are about to see is about another types of roof, surprisingly, that has been mentioned above, which some of them are the complicated version derived from combining several roof designs, for example gable roof and gambrel or gable and valley roof style. Some other are variations from one particular roof type touched with different architectural styles, such as gambrel roof touched with cape cod or with home in shingle style.

The full list as follows:

  1. A-Frame Roof

This type of roof is so easy to tell. It is a sheer, sharp roof that expands straight down to the ground or almost reaches the ground. Thus it is said to make up much the house walls, or even the whole walls are the roof itself. That is why A-frame roof is affordable because it can be made into both of walls and roof, besides, A-frame roof is simple.

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  1. Bonnet Roof

Bonnet type is known for its expanding ledge surrounding the roof base. Ledge is some kind of balcony but not as wide as balcony and not for stepped on. It is the special characteristic from bonnet roof. The roof’s other part can be the shape of any home roof type, but when it is extended with a ledge, and then it will be a bonnet configuration of that roof style.

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  1. Butterfly Roof

This type of roof is unique. Being the inversion of gable roof, butterfly roof is in the form of letter V. Quite unusual and is rarely used or not widely known for its extra need of consideration when the rain pours down. Well, it has one benefit after all. You will have two tall ceilings each on both sides.

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  1. Gable & Valley Roof (Cross Gable Roof)

Roof with gable and valley type, also known as cross gable roof, is a popularly well used design. Cross gable’s naming is given because the house has cross footprint. When it comes to an intersecting footprint home, it is common to have a combined roof designs, for example gambrel and gable or gable and hop.

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  1. Flat Roof

According to its name, flat roof is designed to be flat and plain looking. It is often used on homes with mid-century and modern designs. If you like modernity, try flat roof. It surely is eye catching.

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  1. Gable Roof with Dormer Window

This type of home roof style is well known and here goes the best part: you can configure other styles! Such as, let the main part of the roof be gable and the dormer be gambrel. Do you want it the other way around? Of course you can! And so on and so forth, you can have them in any style you want.

  1. Gambrel Roof

Roof with this type has quite different look for certain because of its 4-sided roof. The upper two sides aren’t as sheer as the lower sides. Window dormers are often included, but not on every one of gambrel roof.

  1. Hip & Valley Roof (Cross Hipped Roof)

It is another cross roof for you as reference. This type of roof resembles the first cross roof mentioned above, except for the ends of the roof; they tilt inward. It can also be combined with a intersecting footprint house.

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  1. Hip Roof

The roof’s ends of hip roof style tilt inward. If the tips of each side meet at one point like a pyramid, then it is called pyramid hip roof. If they don’t, then it is simply just hip roof. Hipped roof is the main characteristic found on American Foursquare homes.

  1. Pyramid Mansard Roof

Pyramid mansard roof is the mansard roof that has pyramid design on top of the roof instead of having it flat. While mansard roof itself is known with its sheer sides draping above and facing the ground. It is designed so on purpose in order to make more space in upper levels. Window dormers can be included on mansards to give natural light for lighting the additional space used in upper floors.

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  1. Mansard Roof that Flares Out

As mentioned before, mansard roof is identified with its steep sides draping above the ground and facing it. While what mansard roof that flares out means is its steep sides expand outward below.

  1. Mansard Roof Design

This one is the general roof style of mansard. You can have it with dormers or not, up to your requirement.

  1. Pyramid Hip Roof

We have known about this style of hip roof from a simple hip roof earlier. It is identified if the four sides’ tips of hip roof meet at one point forming a sharp end at the very top. Window dormers could be included, but it is used frequently on homes with ranch style which usually doesn’t have any upper floors, so window dormers not quite needed.

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  1. Saltbox Roof

Though unpopular, this roof style is useful in creating ceilings with dome on the upper part of the home and an attic fits to face the domed ceiling rooms.

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  1. Shed Roof (Sloped Roof)

This home roof style is a very simple one. So basically it is a roof that flat and plain, but sloped. You can make domed ceilings or an attic as a house part, leaning on the design of your house and how slant the slope.

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So, which one of those home roof designs is your favorite? Whichever it is, make sure you pick the one that benefits you the most and works best on top of your home instead of good looking only.

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