5 Things to Look For When Hiring A Private Dining Room in London

If you find traditional boardrooms and meeting rooms a little stuffy, you could benefit from utilising a private dining room.

Owing to the fact they are not as pressurised as other options, they give you and your clients the chance to get to know each other, build up a rapport and also discuss business at your own pace.

However, it can challenging to book private dining rooms, especially in London where there are so many to choose from.

Since we offer private dining in Mayfair, we know a thing or two about getting it right for you and your clients.

Whether you’re planning to book with us or a competitor (booo-hiss!), we’ve got you covered with some essentials you need to look out for before booking your private venue.


Choosing the Right Private Dining Room in London

You might be overwhelmed by the choice and unsure of whether you just opt for a very exclusive dining establishment or would prefer somewhere you can have total privacy for you and your clients?

Or maybe you’ve tried all the usual suspects and are looking for something different.

Either way, to help you figure out what is right for you, we’ve put together five important tips (plus bonus tips at the end) for choosing the best private dining rooms to have that perfect business meeting or event.


1. Calculate Estimated Costs

Whether this is the first thing you do or not, it should definitely be close to the top of your list. Try and calculate a rough estimate based on the number of people who will be attending your business meeting.

Take into consideration both the price of drinks and food so that you don’t get a nasty surprise at the end of the night. This is especially true when you are the one footing the bill.


Babel House Private Dining Mayfair


2. Ask The Best Questions

Once you start calling establishments to check their availability, you need to ensure that you know exactly everything you should before you phone.

Remember that not all private rooms are designed or arranged the same.

Is what the establishment offers semi-private or fully private? How is the room laid out? Do they offer a set menu? Is there additional charges you need to know of before you and your party arrive?

As you can see there are a lot of important variables you need to be aware of that can make one place and the private dining rooms they offer stand out from another.


3. Make a List and Add to it

Make it an ongoing job to always be on the lookout for any new restaurants opening or that you come across with potential for business meetings (like Babel House *wink wink*).

By doing this you will already have a list to look through for inspiration when you need to organise a business meeting. It’s also wise to list them by their location so you will be able to find them easier.

Although the classic private dining rooms in a city like London are known by everyone, if you pick out one of the newer ones on the scene it could make you stand out from the crowd of people your clients are meeting with.


4. Refer to Customer Reviews

This is particularly good for anywhere you have not booked before. Take a look at customer reviews of places you are interested in booking for that important business meeting.

Of course, you should not take everything that is said in a customer review as written in stone or the complete truth. A lot of what people put in their reviews is based on their own personal experience.

However, it will give you a good idea of whether a restaurant is suitable or not.


Private Dining Room London - Babel House


5. Finalise the Details Beforehand

It is recommended that you give the venue of your business meeting a call the day before, just to make sure that the private room you have booked is all ok to go ahead.

It sounds silly, especially if you are sure that it has been booked, it can just give you that extra reassurance that everything is ready for the big event.

You don’t want to be worrying about anything on the day of the meeting.


Bonus Tips To Consider When Private Dining

  • Dietary needs of your clients. Can the venue cater for these?
  • Type of cuisine. Is it to everyone’s liking?
  • Location. Is it convenient for your clients or will they be in a huff on arrival?
  • Size of the room and table. Is it big enough?
  • Number of guests. Is there a minimum guest requirement?
  • Is there a maximum guest capacity?
  • Your table. Does the table layout suit your event or meeting? Can it be changed?
  • Chair types. Sounds silly, but a formal event where full attention is required wouldn’t do so well with cosy, relaxing armchairs.
  • Drink policy. Find out whether drinks are included, there are limits or whether it’s BYO (bring your own).
  • Service charges. Are these included in your initial price?
  • Your event needs. Can the restaurant cater to your needs, for example, if you need a nearby plug or ethernet socket for a laptop/projector presentation?


We could go on and on. Private dining is our bag at Babel House restaurant, but you get the idea.

The point is to ask as many questions that are relevant to your event as possible. You don’t want to turn up to any nasty surprises you didn’t anticipate.


If you are on the lookout for a great private dining room in London to meet up with your guests for your business meetings and discussions, we hope you’ll consider our venue in Mayfair.

We’d love to help you wine, dine and wow your clients.

For more information or help planning your event contact us or call us now on +44 (0) 20 7629 5613 where we’ll be delighted to assist.

If not, no hard feelings! We hope you found our guide helpful for finding the best venue for your dining needs. Pop in and say hello the next time you’re in Mayfair.

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