Hardwood Floor Installation Cost

We are talking about hardwood floor installation cost and the factors affecting it.

One of the great ways to smarten up the appearance of your house is to install a hardwood floor.

Hardwood floors are certainly strong, elegant and are flexible; thus, can fit on any possible design you may think.

Hardwood Floor Installation Cost

You must know the hardwood floor installation cost of these floors if you want to install them in your home.

Types of Hardwood Flooring

First, you have to be familiarized with the three main kinds of hardwood floors:

bamboo hardwood flooring

The first type is the solid flooring which can be finished or unfinished. Finished flooring can already be installed straight ahead while unfinished flooring requires some finishing work after it has been installed.

Solid flooring can be further categorized into three types namely strip, plank and parquet flooring. These subtypes differ from one another in design and thickness.

prefinished hardwood floors

The second type of hardwood flooring is engineered hardwood flooring.

These consist of plastic laminates which are layered in the middle of the real wood. This type is commonly mistaken for laminate flooring which in fact is totally artificial and only appears like wood.

laminate hardwood flooring

The last type is a more hard-wearing and scratch-proof type are hardwood floors comprised of acrylic products like waterproofing sealants and even have colors to enhance the wood’s appearance.

types of hardwood floors

The hardwood floor installation cost of this type can be higher compared with the other two types. These are also commonly used in commercial buildings.

Average Hardwood Flooring Installation Cost

Hardwood flooring installation cost can be greatly affected by the type of wood used on the floor.

In general, exotic woods cost more than easily-accessed wood like bamboo which are priced for about USD 6 per sq. ft. The cost of Brazilian cherry or Australian cypress ranges at about $13 USD per sq. ft.

Type of Hardwood Flooring Used

Hardwood flooring installation cost may also vary depending on the type of flooring used.

The cost of solid flooring is relatively lower compared with that of engineered flooring where in strip flooring is cheaper than the plank one since its installation is easier.

As mentioned, acrylic-infused hardwood flooring costs higher compared with the other types of flooring. The installation cost of strip flooring range up to USD 8 per sq. ft. while the installation cost of plank flooring is about $12 USD per sq. ft.

Cost of Finishing

Yet another factor that affects the hardwood flooring installation cost is the cost of finishing. The cost of factory-finished flooring ranges up to USD 10 to 14 per sq. ft.

They can be installed directly and do not require any finishing touches once installation is completed. Unfinished wood is relatively cheaper; however, they need some finishing after being installed.

refinishing hardwood floors without sanding

Labor Costs

Of course, labor cost is a factor which can affect the hardwood flooring installation cost. Labor costs for installing floors depend on the kind of work you require and the layout area.

The cost will be higher if you wish to add designs and other add-ons. If you want to reduce labor costs, you may opt to do the job by yourself.

These days, many manufacturers give out instructions on laying out these floors; thus, it is now much easier for a not-so-expert person to lay out the planks appropriately by himself.

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