Glass Tile Backsplashes

Glass tile backsplashes is the latest in kitchen decor.

If you ever had the chance to visit a kitchen where glass tile have been used as backsplash, you will be able to get a glimpse of how fantastic it can be and how it can change the look of your kitchen.

These tiles come in rich colors and are very glossy and smooth. Once you see the thing you will surely want to have the same in your kitchen too.

Glass Tile Backsplashes

If you have seen glass tile backsplashes for the first time you will wonder what it is. But you can be sure that tiles with such vibrant colors and smooth feeling can only be glass tiles.

Glass tiles have become very popular these days as kitchen backsplash. This is due to the fact that glass tiles have inherent qualities that are not found in ceramic or any other tiles.

The most important reason is that the glass tiles are very easy to clean and maintain unlike ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tiles are somewhat porous in nature and tend to get stained easily depending on the quality because ceramic tiles quality largely depends on the price of the tiles.

Glass tiles can be used to create unique patterns which will give the kitchen a pleasing image.

Cleaning and maintaining glass tile backsplash is very easy; soap and warm water is enough to clean it up. Due to its high glossy surface there is no scope for stains to happen on the surface.

All you need to do is wipe the surface with some warm soapy water and then follow it up with a clean dry cloth. The glass surface will start shining as new once more.

Clean glass tiles reflect most of the light and hence the kitchen too looks bigger than what it actually is.

Glass tiles are good if you use them on the kitchen backsplash, however if you go a step further and use them as countertops, then you have to be very careful.

While chopping on glass countertops you have to be careful as heavy blow can scratch the surface of the glass tiles.

Developing scratch on glass tiles means having scar on the tile for as long as it is there. Therefore glass tiles are safe if used for kitchen backsplash only.

When you decide to install glass tiles in your kitchen backsplash you will find a diverse collection of them in the market. You need to choose the one that matches the theme of your kitchen.

However, while installing you have to take the help of a professional because these tiles are quite hard in quality and cutting them according to your measurement will be difficult without the proper tools.

If you are not sure how to install glass tile backsplashes, you must watch this video:

If you want to brighten up your kitchen and give it a unique touch glass tiles will be the best for your kitchen backsplash. Here is glass tile backsplashes ideas (click to enlarge!):

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