Garden Design Ideas

There are many different styles of gardens. You can design your own garden in the style in which you want to. After all, it is going to be your garden. So, why don’t you be different from others?

Gardening is a very beneficial hobby too. To design your own garden you need to know the different garden design ideas.

Garden Design Ideas

Given below are some garden design ideas which you might want to use for your home.

unique garden decor

Formal Garden Design

The formal garden design is shaped very fine. When you want a garden that is shaped exactly the way it is supposed to be, then you might want to choose the formal garden design.

modern garden design

The garden has angles that are straight and they also have pathways. There are also bends at different places and the beds are shaped in a geometric manner.

You can have them in circular or square shape. The pathways are located in between them and the borders are also placed in various places that give them a very elegant look.

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The formal garden design includes pergolas, gardens that are walled, carpet bedding, and terraces. According to the shape that you prefer for your garden, you can choose the formal garden design.

If you are residing in a town, then you might want to make use of a formal garden design. The design is formal and it suits your landscape.

front yard design

Though, the garden requires regular maintenance, you might want to make use of the exercise once a week. This is an ideal garden to have for your home.

garden design ideas

Informal Garden Design

The informal garden design is the opposite of formal garden design. There are no shape or pathways located in between the garden.

small garden design

The informal garden design comes in with shapes that are based on the landscape. You can make use of hedges on the informal garden design. They blend with the surroundings and provide you with the atmosphere you were looking for.

Sometimes city people like relaxing in a country house. Your holiday can be even better when you got an informal garden design.

landscape gardening

When you are residing in a cottage or farm house, you might want to make use of the informal garden. This is one of the best garden design ideas you will want to make use.

flower garden ideas

summer flower garden ideas

Traditional Garden Design

The traditional garden design is similar to a farmhouse or cottage. The only difference would be that they come with fruits and vegetables in them.

When you are someone who likes doing their own gardening, then you will want to make use of the traditional garden design and have many fruits and vegetables planted there.

vegetable garden design

Modern Garden Design

The modern garden design consists of exotic flowers. If you are someone who loves flowers, then you might consider having a modern garden design.

There will be many flower pots and other decorative accessories put up in the garden. You can also have some artwork placed around them to improve the beauty of it. You should select garden design ideas that suit your personality.

Some garden design ideas (click to enlarge!):

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