Exterior Paint Color for Homes

If уоu аrе nоt ѕо professional іn terms оf paint color ideas, selecting thе perfect exterior paint color fоr уоur home mіght bе a difficult task fоr уоu.

Thе fіrѕt thіng thаt уоur visitors notice whеn thеу visit уоur house іѕ уоur house exteriors. Thеу mау perceive ѕоmеthіng аbоut уоu ѕіnсе thе exterior оf уоur home expresses whаt уоur style іѕ.

Selecting the Exterior Paint Color for Your Home

For you to become a proud homeowner, you only have to understand and recognize some thoughts before painting your home.

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When selecting an exterior paint for your house, you have to consider several things. Select an exterior color that suits perfectly at your home.

Also, choose something that will stand out, yet will still be in harmony with your neighbors’ houses; that way, your neighbors’ houses might not overpower your house’s beauty and vice versa.

exterior paint colors for home

Most people having artistic sense choose gray, white and tan house colors when painting house exteriors.

The location of your house is a very essential thing to think through when choosing the right combination of exterior paint color.

If your house is situated in a tropical place, light and reflective colors will make your house appear trendy. On the other hand, if it’s not located in such a place, pastel colors will be great for your home.

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The following are some great exterior paint color ideas.

Roofing Colors

As much as you can, avoid the usual exterior house colors if your roofing is made of metal. If you chose the colors such as green, blue or olive, it is better to paint your roofing with gray.

The most noticeable feature of a house is the roof. If your roofs are painted of warm colors, then select exterior paint colors such as brown.

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Window Colors

You can choose different options for windows with metal clad or wood; these actually look beautiful with brick walls. For these types of windows, try colors ranging from mid tone to dark. They will definitely blend in with the environment and the exterior paint color of your house.

Your exterior’s appearance will be enhanced, even the looks of your window, when you paint your window with colors brighter than the exterior wall.

However, if your exterior wall is painted with darker shades, do not paint your window in white color because the contrast will be too much. Hence, you may go with almond or any with such shade so as your window to look great.

If your window happens to be a vinyl one, avoid painting it with dark colors. When exposed in the sunlight, vinyl is likely to expand; thus, if painted with a dark color, it will expand all the more. As a recommendation, paint your vinyl sidings with white, even the trims. This will make your window appear classy.

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Simply because your walls are bricks do not mean that you have to leave them as is. Painting your bricks using the different exterior paint color ideas will certainly enhance your house’s appearance. To highlight different parts of the house, you may opt to add accent colors. Thus, your house will be even more distinct from the others.

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