Exterior House Colors

You have completed building your house. The months have been tedious as you have step-by-step watched your house grow. You are relieved to see the structure. It is a great feeling. But, you will need to paint it both exterior and interior. The color of your house also plays a vital role for its looks.

As a novice, you might find it hard to understand or know what kind of color, will go well with the material that you have used in building your house.

Exterior House Colors

Obviously you have no prior experience to choosing colors for your house. When you select the wrong color, then it might cost you a lot of money which you do not want to happen.

Given below are some ideas on selecting the right exterior house colors.

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Choosing the Right Paint Colors

There is a big difference in choosing the colors for the outside and inside. While the inside colors got to be light, the outside colors should be dark.

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That is because, when you go with light colors on the exteriors and the sun and rain beat down, in a few years time, you will notice that the color of your house will become faded.

When you go with dark exterior house colors for your house, they last many years without the need for repainting them. Painting the exteriors of an average house is an expensive affair.

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When your exterior color has faded and you need to get it repainted, it can cost you a lot of money. Painting a house is not a joke and you would not risk your life by doing it yourself.

So, choose a dark color like brown, red or a bright color which can last you many years. The climatic conditions of your area matter a lot here.

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You will want to take that into consideration and choose the exterior house colors based on that. You will want to ensure that the colors complement each other.

You don’t want to use only a single color on your exterior. You can use a couple of colors that compliment each other and provide a good look for your house.

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Tips on Choosing Window Colors

For the windows, you will want to go with white exterior house colors. When your window is made from vinyl, then you might want to choose white color.

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Using a dark color will make the window to expand. This will cause the window to fail its cause. You might also use a light color for your window.

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Choosing white will provide that classic look which you want. It will look more like a wood window. When your exterior house colors are too dark, then you might not use white color for your windows.

They will contrast too much and spoil the looks of your exteriors of your house. The colors of your house and windows have to blend.

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Painting Brick

When you own a brick house, you might want to paint it. The texture of the brick requires to be painted and you do not want to leave it like that.

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Unfortunately many homes in America have a brick house which has been left like that. They don’t look attractive at all. When you paint a brick house, you are refreshing the house.

Choosing exterior house colors is a challenging task. So, take your time and select well.

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