Drum Lamp Shades

A few decades back, the drum lamp shades were just used as a way of lighting up your living room or bedroom. However, today, they are available in many different shades and styles.

This has brought about a change in the lamp shapes and their purpose. They are not only used for lighting your living room or bedroom, but used for decoration purpose.

Drum Lamp Shade

A drum lamp shade is a lamp shade that is used over a lamp to provide light to the room. As the bulb is hot, the shade enables to decrease the heat from the users who will be usually seated near the lamp.

large drum pendant light

They come in a bell shape and have curves. The lamp shades are also shallow and come in various shapes. Given below are some methods in which you can decorate your home using drum lamp shades.

drum light fixtures

Use Your Imagination

You will want to use your imagination. Though you might not have many ideas, you can always refer the internet. You will find many ideas on how to decorate your home using drum lamp shades.

hanging drum shade

The whole idea here is to make use of your imagination and taste. Only when you know what kind of color you want, the kind of light that should be emitted from the lamp, you will not be able to understand the design or style.

There are different shapes of the lamp shades including empire, rectangular, square, oval, drum, and bell.

drum lamp shades

Take the Size of Your Room

You will want to take the size of your room before buying the drum lamp shades. That is because, the room size depends greatly on the effect the lamp shade would have in your room.

drum pendant chandelier

If your room is large, then you will want to go with a particular type of lamp shade. When your room is small, then you might want to choose a less powerful lamp shade.

There are many lamp shades which are available in the market. You can choose according to your taste and wants. When the base is plain, then make sure the lamp shade is decorative.

drum ceiling light

If the base comes with decorations, then use a lamp shade that is simple. They also come in many materials including brass, metal, silk, and others.

drum light shade

Where to Purchase Them?

You can purchase them from a furniture store that is located near your house. You can also buy them from an online supplier.

When you are buying from an online supplier, you will want to make sure that what you are purchasing is genuine. Sometimes the website might be a fake or the product might not be of good quality.

chandelier with drum shade

You would want to make sure that the drum lamp shades you purchase help in improving the interiors of your house. You must see to that you make use excellent design ideas when decorating your house.

As always, you can search the internet for more information about lamp shades and how they can improve the appeal of your house. Choose well.

Some pictures of drum lamp shades (click to enlarge!):

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