Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors

There are great selection of curtains for sliding glass doors and they come in different designs.

While you decide which curtains and drapes you will put into your sliding glass doors at home, you may look through the different options listed below.

Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors

Curtain Basics

Curtains for sliding glass doors unquestionably require full length. A good tip to make your room look higher is to place curtains whose length will be from floor to ceiling.

curtains for sliding glass doors in kitchen

Given the width of the door, you may decide how many sections of curtains you’ll have. To have a neat appearance when curtains are held together at the ends, you may spread out the curtain bar outside the door.

Doing this will enable the curtains to stay on the side walls; thus, the sliding doors won’t be blocked.

draperies for sliding glass doors

Curtain Decor

You may think through of what to do with the curtains’ appearance after deciding which style and what materials to use. If the door is situated between two rooms, you may prefer two-sided fabrics.

A valence can also be added further on the curtains. You may also want to make the stylish valances come in nice-looking colors and enhance it with a shiny fabric so that the whole door will be highlighted.

valances for sliding glass doors

Another vital curtain decoration you may try on curtains for sliding glass doors includes rich tie back ropes. These are used to clamp the curtains in place when they are gathered together.

You may also opt to use strip of lace fabric, stain fabric or a similar fabric of the curtain to clamp them.

Right Combos

Double curtains are a great choice in covering sliding glass doors. You can try out different options when placing double curtains for sliding glass doors.

sheer curtains for sliding glass doors

You may want to have white sheers combined with plain opaque curtains. The color of the curtain should go with the internal decoration.

You may also try colored sheers combined with opaque curtains with dark colors. In this case, you have to ensure that the color of the sheers and the curtains match perfectly well.

sliding glass door coverings

Another option is to have printed drapes and combine them with plain sheers which have the similar shade. To have a classy appearance, you may combine plain or printed drapes to plain cloth roman blinds. Roman blinds that come in texture fabric looks amazing on sliding glass doors.

Rich Fabrics

Since double curtains are a smart option for sliding doors, various combinations of sheers and curtains can be tried out. The most well-known one is the combination of opaque curtains and sheers.

You may have plain sheers or even printed sheers with white or soft color. Nonetheless, printed sheers with a single color are merely amazing themselves.

Opaque curtains also come in different material – silk, raw silk, satin, cotton silk or cotton fabric. You may pick out a simple plain one or a printed fabric.

window covering for sliding glass door

panel curtains for sliding glass doors

For every kind of curtain fabrics, there are several print choices; it is only a matter of your preference whether the shade will be soft or lively.

Curtains for sliding glass doors covering a wider place look great when they consist of larger prints. You can also have fabric roman blinds when you prefer blinds but also want fabric drapes.

sliding glass door shades

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