Curtain Rods

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There was a time when curtain rod designs were so simple and crude that valance was used to hide them from public view.

Putting up curtain rods meant incurring extra expense towards valance as well, hence to a certain degree putting up curtain rods was a costly affair.

Curtain Rods

However with technological advancement curtain rod went through a transformation from simplicity to gorgeousness. No more valance or draperies are necessary to hide the curtain rods.

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ceiling mount curtain rods

On the other hand you can now flaunt your curtain rods as much as you want. Beautiful looking curtain rod designs are available for you to select from.

While decorating the interiors of your home a window treatment done decently can enhance the beauty of a home. If you are hanging curtains on your windows, beautiful curtain rods can add that extra dazzle to the decor.

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The amazing range of curtain rods designs, sizes and styles that are available in the market can give you the extra mileage in terms of looks to your home decor.

You can choose from the different types like spring tension, drapery, traverse, swing arm, traverse-and-valance, wide, magnetic and so on.

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In short you can have curtain rods designs according to your particular need or according to the need of a particular area.

Some of the different curtain rods designs are mentioned here.

Decorative Curtain Rods

These types of curtain rods are also called drapery rods. You can use them to hang decorative curtains as well as light drapery panels.

This rod is capable of supporting nearly all type of draperies. Rings are used to hang draperies on these rods. These rods are available in different materials like metal, wood, glass and plastic which give you the opportunity to choose according to your decor.

corner curtain rods

Magnetic Drapery Rods

These are very useful if you have metal window casing. Magnetic rod will save your walls as you do not have to drill them to install the rod as the magnets will do the job.

Single curtain rods will be perfect if you are planning to hang panels or lace. Your window treatment will get a layered look with such a decor.

shower curtain rods

Swing Arm Drapery Rods

Sometimes you might have narrow or small windows at certain places of your home like, bathroom windows.

It is sometimes not possible to install decorative rods on windows that are either small or narrow; in such cases swing arm drapery rods becomes handy and convenient to use.

swing arm curtain rods

However, you need to be careful with these rods as they are not built to carry heavy weight. These rods can conveniently be used for your shower curtains.

Spring Tension Rods

These rods are similar to swing arm drapery rods and are mostly used for small and narrow windows.

Spring tension rods go well with ceramic and can be used conveniently if your bathroom wall is ceramic covered. You should not use these rods for heavy curtains though.

tension curtain rods

Traverse Curtain Rods

These are ideal for use in home offices and in places where you want to make a big impression. Sophisticated version of these curtain rods are available which you can use very effectively with various controls.

Therefore, whatever curtain rods design you use, ensure that they are appropriate for the job and match your decor to the very best.

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