20 Types of Bedroom Designs

According to Oxford’s Learners Pocket Dictionary Third Edition, bedroom is a room for sleeping in. But for me, and surely for most of us, it is way more than only for sleeping in, no matter what type of bedroom designs it is. Isn’t it?

bedroom designs

It is a place where we want to have a perfect peacefulness within. We could have a long tiring day at the office plus a couple of more hours on the heavy traffic street, but when we got home and a nice bed in a warm bedroom welcomes us, it is just perfect to end our day. Bedroom is also a workspace where people make some ideas into existence and create some creativity; great songs we still pick at the karaoke are mostly composed in the composers’ bedroom before brought in at the recording studio. Or it just simply gives an absolute solitude we enjoy the most whenever the world outside is getting more and more hectic; bedroom gives us, yes, we can speak the word: privacy.

Therefore, having a designed bedroom can be a helpful aspect in our life, since half of our daily routine is done within it. One primary need in a bedroom is of course a bed. The other needs may vary from one person to another. Some people need bathroom inside, while the others are cool without it. Some wants a grand-looking bedroom for two people, while some just want to have it simple. But whatever types of bedroom are, they’re all the same: bedroom symbolizes its dweller/dwellers; what their status in the house and what social background they have. So, based on that fact, bedrooms are classified, for instance, as follows:

  1. Master Bedroom
luxury master bedrooms with fireplaces designing idea with 20 Types of Bedroom Designs

luxury master bedrooms

Master bedroom is usually designed to be the biggest of all bedrooms in the house. Fits with its name, master bedroom seems just right to be used by the master of the house.

  1. Children Bedroom
kids children platform wooden intended for 20 Types of Bedroom Designs

children bedroom

Children bedroom takes small space with colorful painting and cute wallpapers on the wall and generally completed by some toys. In some houses, children bedrooms are simply a playground for kids, since the beds, closets, and other furniture inside are designed in such a way so that they can be played.

  1. Guest Room
cozy guest room design ideas with twin bed room ideas for 20 Types of Bedroom Designs

guest room

In special occasions like holiday, some relatives may come over to the house and stay with us until night. It is just rude to let them sleep at hotel while it is also uncomfortable to offer them our own personal room for them sleeping in. So generally, keeping a room separately with basic bedroom requirements intact within is admissible to avoid such situation.

  1. Girl’s Bedroom
21 children bedroom designs decorating ideas design throughout girl’s bedroom

girl’s bedroom

A bit different from children, girl’s bedroom is still colorful, basically dominant with pink and purple, but in a little more mature way. Privacy or more like secretive is what we could see in every nook and cranny inside the room along with a lot of cabinet and storage to keep their things safe in place.

  1. Boy’s Bedroom
15 sports inspired bedroom ideas for boys baseswiki.org inside Boy’s bedroom

boy’s bedroom

Boy’s bedroom is simpler than the girl’s and casually has a theme according to their preference, such as sports.

  1. Contemporary Bedroom
contemporary bedrooms exclusive bedrooms luxury throughout Contemporary bedroom

contemporary bedroom

Contemporary bedroom is a room stuffed with basic needs bedroom in contemporary design applied to its furniture and beauty.

  1. Antique Bedroom
collectibles and gifts antique royal solid wood furniture intended for antique bedroom

antique bedroom style

Bedroom with accessories which are designed with looks derived from the past is categorized as antique bedroom style.

  1. Modern Bedroom
exclusive quality modern contemporary bedroom designs intended for 20 Types of Bedroom Designs

modern bedroom

This type of bedroom is the opposite of the antique one. It is facilitated with modern designed furniture, makes it more comfortable and sophisticated.

  1. Colored Bedroom
color combinations for bedrooms baseswiki.org intended for colored bedroom

colored bedroom

This bedroom type has the color harmonization. Bright colors to brighten up the mood, dark colors to warm up the atmosphere, pastel that is soothing, or multicolor to give the colorful look; all of them are purely personal taste.

  1. Fancy Bedroom
fancy bedroom sets for little girls baseswiki.org throughout fancy bedroom

fancy bedroom

Fancy bedroom is all about how to look fancy and gives fancy vibe. It is designed with beautiful accessories and facilities.

  1. Multipurpose Bedroom
are guest rooms just for guests guest bedroom office intended for 20 Types of Bedroom Designs

multipurpose bedroom

This type of a bedroom can be used for many purposes. Hm, why does it seem similar to me? It goes the same with the bed. Multipurpose bed sometimes combined with a study or storage units, and even mini library. Ooh la, bookworms would love it!

  1. Small Bedroom
clever ideas for a small bedroom regarding 20 Types of Bedroom Designs

small bedroom

This bedroom type only takes small space. It only consists of a single bed and a closet. When you’re still single, maybe a small bedroom fits for you.

  1. Dorm-type bedroom
top five college necessities that no one is talking about dorm bedroom within Dorm bedroom

dorm bedroom

A bedroom will have similar vibe with a dorm commonly has if we put a bunk bed and a closet in it. Well, dorm type bedroom pretty much is the answer for any kind of problem related to less area and more people.

  1. Infant’s Bedroom
how to design a bedroom that grows with your child infant's bedroom within infant’s bedroom

infant’s bedroom

Spoil your infants by giving them a room with soothing color; pastel blue for the boys and pastel pink for the girls. At the same time, you can also teach your children to be independent from such a young age.

  1. Single Bedroom

single bedroom

Single bedroom is meant for only one person to use. It has everything in single size.

  1. Double Bedroom

double bedroom

This type of bedroom is designed for two people or for couple. It has double beds and double closets, and maybe every basic need of a bedroom there comes in pair.

  1. Triple Bedroom

A bedroom designed for three persons or maybe a couple and their baby is called triple bedroom.

  1. Quad Bedroom
quad bedroom baseswiki.org intended for 20 Types of Bedroom Designs

quad bedroom

Quad bedroom is meant to be used by four persons or maybe a pair of husband and wife with their two kids.

  1. Family Bedroom

family bedroom

Bedroom designed for shared by all members of the family is classified as family bedroom.

  1. Studio Bedroom
how to create a bedroom in a studio apartment with 20 Types of Bedroom Designs

studio bedroom

This bedroom type is technically a bedroom combined with kitchen and living area. The only one which kept separately just in case is the bathroom. The rest should be going along well with the bedroom or we cannot call it studio bedroom.

There, our instance of bedroom designs. You realize now what design your bedroom is. Is it to your liking? No? Well, that’s okay. You can redecorate it based on what you like anyway. You know most of bedroom types after all.

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