Bathroom Window Curtains

When you are selecting bathroom window curtains couple of factors need to be kept in mind. The given below article will help you understand how you can go about things.

Your bathroom is your personal space. The bathroom window curtains that you choose should be able to create the ambience that you want.

Bathroom Window Curtains

This is a part of how to select bathroom window curtains.

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Window Size

The window size is important. Before you select the curtain, you might want to know the measurements of your window.

You don’t want to purchase a curtain that is too small or too large for your bathroom window. It will look odd and spoil the entire looks of your bathroom. The curtain must be the exact size as that of your bathroom window.

Those of you, who are planning to stitch curtains themselves can do so.

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Bathroom Humidity

Before choosing the bathroom window curtains, you will want to know the humidity levels of your bathroom.

When you take a shower during winter seasons, then the humidity levels stand high. When humidity levels are high, they cause moisture to be formed on your curtains which can become into dew.

The fabric of your curtains should be considered. You might want to go in for cotton fabric which is lightweight. The reason for that is they can contain high levels of humidity and dry easily.

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Lined or Unlined Curtains

You will need to also decide on the design of your bathroom window curtains, whether you want to have lined or unlined. This of course, depends on your personal taste and choice.

It also depends on the size and shape of your bathroom. You might want to go in for a lined curtain as they can tolerate high humidity levels.

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You will also need to take other factors into mind before making that decision. Your privacy might get affected when you choose a light colored curtain.

During nights, when you use your bathroom with the lights on, others can clearly see what is going on. To ensure that your privacy is not affected, you might want to go in for lined curtains.

If your bathroom is small in size, then you might want to make use of light colors as they provide you with the feeling that your bathroom is large and smells better.

When you are particular about the atmosphere of your bathroom, then you might want to go in for a darker color like deep red or purple.

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Blend with the Interiors

The bathroom window curtains must blend with the interiors. That also depends on the furnishings. The wall color and tiles also have to be taken into consideration.

If your bathroom interiors are light colored, then you might want to go in for a light colored curtain. If your bathroom interiors are dark colored, then you should go in for a dark colored curtain.

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It can look extremely odd, when your curtain color and interiors don’t have anything in common. You certainly don’t want that to happen in your case. So, ensure that the color of the curtain blends with the interiors.

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