6 Best Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces

Are you searching for some great ideas in order to save space in your limited-spaced bathroom? You can definitely turn your small bathroom into a relaxing one by applying witty design bathroom ideas for small spaces.

Careful use of space and the selection of the appropriate kind of bathroom vanities are certainly a great way to maximize what you have.

Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces

As we all know, bathrooms are categorized as half baths, three quarter baths or full bathrooms.

tiny bathroom design idea

Half baths are those which contain a sink, toilet and shower and are enough to provide the needs of a certain family. On the other hand, full bathrooms are the ones that include a bathtub plus the other stated facilities.

In most cases, when talking regarding small bathrooms, we mean the half or three quarter bathrooms. Nevertheless, there are still some who were able to install a bathtub in their limited-spaced bathroom; thus, they have a hard time placing other bathroom vanities.

storage ideas for small bathroom

Fortunately, the given bathroom ideas for small spaces below can really help you take good care of any space-related concerns in your bathroom.
Some Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathrooms

  1. Pedestal Sink or Vanity Cabinets

A great amount of space in your bath area can be consumed by vanity cabinets. So, a much better idea is to choose pedestal sinks. When you have to store a lot of toiletries and accessories, a small vanity which includes counter cabinets underneath is a great choice.

small bathroom layout idea

Another one of the great bathroom ideas for small spaces for your bathroom is placing wall attached sinks which have shelves under.

  1. Shower Enclosures

Small bathrooms usually contain either a bathtub along with a shower or simply, a shower only. In order to provide a spacious feel in our bathroom decoration, it is good to install shower curtains or shower enclosures.

small bathroom shower renovation ideas

An impression that your small bathroom is large can be brought upon by a glass shower. If you cannot afford the installation of shower enclosures, you may opt to install shower curtains instead. Also, pick a curtain with a pastel color in order to make the room appear spacious.

  1. Smaller Toilet

It is not practical to install large comfortable toilets in your small bathrooms. Rather, just choose smaller ones which are similarly comfy.

smaller toilet

  1. Door Swing

You may think that this is an unimportant concern when talking about the decor of a small bathroom. Nonetheless, you have to understand that a door swing consume a great amount of space in your bathroom.

small bathroom with door swing

In fact, it can occupy about 25% of the entire space of a bathroom – half or three quarter.

  1. Lighter Paint Colors

One of the amazing bathroom ideas for small spaces is painting the bathrooms walls with light colors. This is actually a basic principle in interior designing.

Lighter colors make a calming effect and create an impression of an open space bathroom.

small bathroom lighter paint colors

  1. Brighter Floor Tiles

Putting larger brighter tiles are also included on the different bathroom ideas for small spaces to make them appear larger.

bathroom with larger brighter tiles

You may choose among ceramic tiles, quarry tiles or cork flooring tiles with moderate colors like off-white, white, beige or sand.

Do you want another secret? Watch this video to make small bathroom look bigger.

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