Basement Window Wells

Basement window wells are designs that are placed under your basement window.

The window wells on your basement window let light come inside your house and more importantly prevent rain water from entering inside. They are one meter or few feet deep and contain gravel and soil. It is a good idea to have some flower pots or plants on the basement window wells.

Basement Window Wells

If you have decided to redesign your house then you will want to install basement window wells in your house. They are useful as they provide light to your house.

basement window wells

Window wells in your basement also help in using rain water for your plants. If you are staying in a rainy area then you seriously might want to consider having window wells in your house.

Installing basement window wells also improve the safety of the occupants in the house. In emergencies when you want to leave your house, your family members can make use of the window well.

metal window wells

You can safely leave the house after climbing out through the window well. The firemen can also enter your house through the basement window wells.

Below are a few types of basement window wells. You can decide which one will suit your house.

window well grates

Classic Cover

A durable window well is the classic cover type. Since it is strong the classic cover can last many years. This cover can blend with any kind of area and house.

It is made by the InnerFIT™ system and comes with .5″ square tubing and 2″ angle iron frame. The classic cover weighs about more than 750 lbs.

plastic window well covers

Mesh Cover

The mesh cover comes with a metal top. This cover helps in keeping away pets and debris from the house. The mesh cover comes with vinyl coating that makes it durable and strong. It is perfect for homes that receive plenty of rainfall.

metal window well covers

Polycarbonate Cover

The polycarbonate cover helps in preventing snow. It comes with the InnerFIT™ system and is installed vertically on windows so that it is higher that the window well on the basement.

If you are staying in an area where it snows often, then you can use this window well.

custom window well covers

Hire A Good Contractor

The best way to install basement window wells would be to hire a good contractor. Installing a window well on the basement is not a small task as it requires lot of planning, soil tests, and construction.

window well covers

You can consult with your family members and friends about hiring a good contractor who can help you with the task.

As always you can refer the internet on installing basement window wells in your house. There are many websites that provide information on how you can design a window well in your basement of your house.

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You can also go through forums or blogs that contain lot of information on designing window wells in the basement of your house.

Also, we found a great video. This guy created window well cover for his sister. You should watch it.

You will want to start work immediately by installing basement window wells in your house. Here’s some ideas (click to enlarge!):

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