Arched Window Treatments

Arched window treatments can be decorated, however many often find it a difficult task because of its nature. So, if you are searching for arched window treatments and are struggling to find inspiration, you need to look no further as this article will put you on the right track.

Having the right window treatment is an important factor, as it will often play an important role in the homes decor. The window treatment often adds security and privacy, but it can also add a bit of beauty to your home too.

Arched Window Treatments

Arched window treatments, can have many different characteristics, it just depends on what you are after for that particular space and window.

The arched window is often a large size, and is seen with an arch shape located near the top end of the window. They are often seen as classical windows that bring in natural light to the room that they are situated in.

window treatments for large arched windows

arched window treatments for large windows

Arched windows can look stunning, but decorating them is difficult because of the way they look and because of there odd shape, as you can already attest to. So, here are some simple tips for arched window treatments.

Ideas for window treatments for Arched Windows

The treatments that you use for the windows will depend on the pattern and design of the window. There are many homes that may have a series of arched windows index in their walls, and some just have one arched window. Adding a curtain rod to the arched portion can be helpful, or you may hang the curtains to see the arched detailing of the window.

arched window blinds

If you wanted to, you can have a single window treatment just for the entire window, as an option, or you can have separate treatments installed for the arched area and the actual window. Furthermore, you can see there are many other styles to use when decorating your arched window.

arch window coverings

arch curtains for large windows

Arched window treatment #1

If your intention is to show off the arched detailing, then hang a curved rod along the circumference of the arched section. This treatment can look wow, and you can add many different patterns to suit your tastes.

A sunburst window treatment can be used, where you can cover the arched part with a nice piece of fabric. A light fabric is often used for this, to allow the light to enter the room. A fan style is something that you may want to consider. These curtains will open from the center point of the window.

arched window treatments ideas

However, if you are after something simple then adding blinds is the best way to go. Blinds are easy to use and don’t require much maintenance.

Arched window treatment #2

To cover your entire window, a straight curtain rod will need to be place above the arched window for this window treatment. The curtain rod should be longer than the window, and the curtains should drop to the ground. This means that the arched window will be completely covered.

arched french door window treatments

As you can see there are ways of decorating your windows. Arched window treatments don’t need to be difficult, as there are ways of getting around it.

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